Marketing With LED Coasters

In addition to the packaging and container design of the product itself, what other ways can be used to enhance the visual impact of the beverage’s appearance? The answer is of course practical and beautiful LED coasters


LED Light Coasters with Logo

Drink coasters are used to place drinks on. It helps protect surfaces from moisture or damage that can be caused by hot or cold drinks. But in addition to its practicality, the information we want to expand to you today will reveal the marketing attributes of the LED coaster itself.

led stickers

What is the Edge of these Coasters Among the Others?

1. Innovative –

Integrated with LED technology, these LED coasters are totally innovative. It comes with built-in RGB LED beads that can color your drinking cups and look fancier. Small size for the wonderful upgrade of appearance. These coasters are perfect for minimalistic themes and will turn every surface enchanting.

2. Ultrathin and Durable –

With the sleek and simple design comes the ultrathin and lightweight feature of these coasters. They are portable and easy to store.

3. Versatility –

Apart from using them based on how they are named, you can take advantage of this product’s versatility. They can be a LED promotional display, promotional gift with purchase, or an on-pack giveaway. Time can unravel the endless opportunities that these custom coasters offer.

LED Bottle stickers

What’re The Marketing Advantages Of LED Coasters?

  • Develop Brand Awareness – Perfect for producing branded coasters; you can customize these with your brand’s logo or name. They are perfect for disseminating into different establishments such as pubs, restaurants, cafés, and even salons. These coasters are also ideal for weddings, trade shows, and team buildings.
  • Effective Customer Retention – With this marketing tool, you can allure customers easily. You can also convert onlookers into consumers as you show them these custom drink coasters and their features. Accordingly, people will love how your brand can provide them a great service with functional promotional items. Thereby boosting customer retention.
  • Improves Brand Visibility – As one of the high-utility promotional items, the target audience may probably see these coasters everywhere. It improves brand visibility and lets your target audience recognize your brand. It also set your brand apart from your competitors and creates room for distinction.
  • Builds Up Brand Creativity – Marketing managers often forget the value of creativity when it comes to brand building. As you set these coasters as your promotional item, it can inspire more innovative and creative marketing tools in the future.
bottle sticker

As a bottle glorifier, it would definitely light up bottles of liquor to make them really enticing to customers. This would surely be a great addition to pubs and trade shows where you need to really level up your branding.

So What’re Your Ideas?