Color The Drink With Light

The amazing lighting effect

Sleek, bright, creative, this is LED coaster. Elevate your drink experience with the mesmerizing glow of our LED coasters. These coasters boast dazzling illumination, bright colors, and a simple design that seamlessly integrates into any setting. With smart activation and premium quality, they add a touch of magic to your tabletop. Versatile and stylish, our LED coasters are perfect for any occasion, leaving a lasting impression. Join us in redefining your moments, one sip at a time

LED Drinks Light

Price: 0.3$/Pc

Decorative, More Practical

This decorative supply is also the best representation of practicality because of its lightweight, buil-in structure and convenient installation.

Liquor Shop


Upgrade your branding strategy with some lights and colors. Combining the transparent glass and LED lighting, the LED coasters redraw the appearance of drinks and make them impressive.

Night Club/Bar


The best interaction for music in the bar or nightclub is the immersive lighting. Turn the glass or bottle in your hand into a light source, and surround yourself with a unique sensual experience.



Whether it is a formal or informal banquet, table decorations are essential. Use LED coasters to light up the goblet, which can also bring visual romance while enjoying delicious food.



Light up the pleasant atmosphere of the party and use LED coasters to create a relaxing environment while gaining happiness.

Make Your Branding Easy

LED coasters customization for a personalized touch! Elevate your brand presence with the advantage of having your logo brilliantly illuminated on every coaster. Our customization option not only adds a unique flair to your tabletop but also serves as a powerful branding tool. Showcase your logo in vibrant LED lights, making a lasting impression on clients, customers, and guests. Join us in combining functionality with brand aesthetics—redefine your space, and let your logo shine!