Innovative Branding: LED Coaster And Logo Printing

When you are facing a crowd at an event or party, have you ever thought that this is the perfect moment to promote your brand? Are you hosting a special event or thinking about how to decorate your bar? Customized LED coasters with logo may be a good choice. A fun and eye-catching way to brighten up your drink, guaranteed to please your guests.


Wisdom of LED Coaster

LED coasters have proven effective in preventing condensation from dripping onto surfaces and scratching them. Restaurant and bar staff can avoid wiping down wet tables before new guests are seated.

Another benefit is that this promotional gift can be used for decoration and merchandise display purposes. These light up coasters are perfect for indoor or outdoor dark spaces such as bars, outdoor dinners, nightclubs or parties to help find and highlight drinks in the dark. Also, placing drinks on coasters looks more respectable and sophisticated when hosting guests at home.

Furthermore, this marketing product offers brand activation. With so much competition in the market, it would help to bring more focus to your business. The LED light inside will illuminate your logo on the mat, making it easily visible for users to see whenever lifting their glass up. Moreover, as it is waterproof the print will not get rubbed off and will last long.


Promotional LED Coaster Advantages

Improves Brand Awareness. You can have the logo printed at the center of the advertising merchandise. It can occupy approximately two to three inches of the coaster, sizable enough for a brand name.

Interesting Design. The outline of the product has been emphasized by the surrounding light. But what’s even more useful is the handle attached to the custom mat. This extra feature makes it easier to lift from the table.

Cool and Unique Lighting. The blue and magenta LEDs have an eye-catching appearance. They are more inviting for guests to place their glass on top of. Also, the bubble effect inside adds a nice flair.

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