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GFLAI has always been committed to making full use of its own resources to participate in the market and play an industry role. After adhering to this concept and continuous exploration and development, GFLAI now has an independent bottle sticker product production line and a professional product research and development team. GFLAI hopes to cooperate with sellers all over the world to achieve win-win goals. Use your own quality and services to help your partners’ business development.

Our Commitment to Quality And Customization

Relying on our own production factory, we can better realize your ideas and requirements. Turn drawings and requirements into reality. We provide you with OEM and ODM customization to meet your different business needs.

Our own factory also means that we refuse outsourcing, can better control quality, and bring better quality experience to customers.

GFLAI is also constantly exploring and summarizing its own gains. Combining our own factory and design team, while making customers’ ideas possible, we are committed to constantly discovering new achievements in technology. GFLAI’s intellectual property is the strongest proof of this. We believe that these certifications are not only the result of GFLAI’s exploration of knowledge, but also the best protection for our customers’ business.

GFLAI’s Products

GFLAI now has two different product lines: Thick LED Bottle Gorifier And Thin LED Coaster.

Different Products For Different Options

We Have More, What’s Your Ideas?

The small, light bottle sticker comes with built-in high-brightness LEDs.

Hold Color In Your Hand, Color Your Cup With Fun!

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