The stickers For a dinner between friends, a wedding, to lighten up a bar, place the sticker under a glass, a bottle or a vase. The sticker lights up the liquid inside the vessel and diffuses the light. You can also decide not to stick the sticker by simply placing it under your vessel and use it another time elsewhere. You only have to choose your colour!
LED Bottle Sticker
The LED The light comes from an LED intergrated into the sticker. The LED does not heat nor burn so there is no risk of fires or burns. To turn the sticker on, simply press the button at the back. Each sticker lasts for about 100 hours and you can pick the rhythm fast flickering, slow flickering, still light. The battery can not be changed.
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GFLAI LED lights Bottle Sticker are the perfect way to showcase your selection and make your establishment stand out. While backlighting helps shed some light on available choices, it is indirect and even glaring, not putting the proper focus on presentation, which is so important, as you know, for any business. In other words, it is just light. Merybar is different. Merybar lights make each bottle stand out from the crowd to entice the patron to buy the better and higher priced offerings that you have on display. Set your lights to continuous or blinking to really light the night and heighten the club-going experience.
Easy care Do not place the sticker in water. If the stickers are stuck under vessels, wash them by hand, try not to submerge the sticker and dry it quickly.
These LED MINI BOTTLE GLOW GLORIFIERS can even be custom printed and made with your LOGO or Art on the Bottom side (additional Print costs). Add your Venues name, or Liquor Company Branding on them for re-order info or just to have an extra logo placement on your Bottle. Nightclub Logos can also be printed on the LED Bottle Glorifiers and make a great piece for Bottle Service and Bottle VIP.
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