One of the Hottest and newest Nightclub & Bar Liquor Bottle Accent products in the Market, The Mini LED Bottle Sticker Coaster or LED Bottle Sticker, has taken the Bottle Display Industry by storm, with its revolutionary yet simple design and ease of use and function.

LED Bottle Sticker Lights giving the Bottle a visually appealing and Bright beautiful LED GLOW. Great for Nightclubs and Bars, Restaurants , or even a Home Bar Set up, these units are a 1 (One) time use and are disposable, no losses if you give it away with a Bottle Service customer, no need to change batteries, they are quite inexpensive, you can just replace them and have your bottles glowing and bright whenever you need them. They are actually stickers, so you are not limited to Bottles, but can get creative and also use them on Cups, Mugs, and Glassware.

The LED MINI BOTTLE STICKER Bottle display shines a very bright white light and has 3 Multi Functions for light sequence. It is very simple to use, you just peel back the cover tape, stick it on to the bottom end of a Bottle, turn it on, and place the bottle back down standing upright. Voila, Your Bottle now is illuminated, Glowing with a beautiful Aura and splendor that will look great on any Bar, VIP Table, DJ Booth, Display or Counter. We have seen so many other uses for these units, restaurants have used them to light up other glass containers, and other glassware.


This is a “ONE TIME USE” item, it lasts approximately 24 Hours once activated and is easily taken off and disposable. It is capable of giving your Bar or Bottle service a distinctive and classy look by really accenting and displaying your Liquor and Alcohol Bottles. It is practically water resistant, so if Ice melts next to it or water splashes on them you are fine

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Our Clients love to see their Bottle Service Brought out in style, with Champagne Bottle Sparklers and so many new and creative ways to make your VIP Bottle service stand out, this is just one of the newest and nicest finishing touches that you can add to your Bottle Service by leaving a Bottle that Glows so Bright on the VIP Table.