The competition is tough. So what better way to to make an impact to customers than using Bottle LED Stickers? We have previously worked on luminous labels, LED bottles and custom bottle glorifiers for marketing drinks, but this one is different and exciting to use. This is a great addition to your marketing strategy as a LED sticker can significantly improve the design and aesthetics of the bottles.

LED Sticker Round Flash Cup Mat Sticker Lights

Shenzhen Greatfavonian Electronics CO., Ltd. (Short as “GF”)is a professional supplier of LED string lights, LED promotes, LED gifts. We never stop our pursuit of providing high-quality products with competitive price and considerate after-sales service for our customers during the past 12 years.

GFLAI Has The U.S. Patent Certification For LED Sticker
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The bright lights emitted from the LED sticker is a great way to brighten up a branded drink bottle such as the vodka bottle shown above. This is a highly effective bar accessory that can help highlight your brand more. Therefore, improving brand recognition and customer loyalty.

How to Utilize The LED Sticker?

As a bar promotion idea, the LED sticker can be utilized to improve visibility in relatively dimly-lit places bars and restaurants. Furthermore, they can be used to make your Point-Of-Sale or POS displays stand out more in shops and supermarkets. Customers are naturally drawn to beautiful products and so your brand will be much more recognisable to them.

led sticker Customized logo is available for wholesale
·Lights color options : White,Warm White,Blue,Green
·Print the LOGO on the back
·Also customize some other functions ·Requirements:MOQ 2000Pcs
·Printing Fee:Contact Our Sales

Besides retail shops and bars, the bottle LED sticker can also be used during corporate events. By utilising the stickers, your brand will make stronger impact on customers. Therefore, providing your business with the advantage over the others in showing off your brand.

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freeshipping led sticker lights

A led light bottle sticker will certainly spice up your brand activation campaign. The light at the bottom of the bottle adds mystery and sophistication to the products, especially if you’re using colored lights or if the liquor is colored.

If you are keen on using the LED sticker on your products or are looking for other bar promotion ideas, Contact Us Today!