Led Sticker Lights For Bottle

Promotional Led Sticker Lights bottle cup mat coaster for clubs bars party. bright Colorful leds neatly reflected and amplified through the clear vessel and liquid. Just stick it to any normal bottle or drinking glass,and click the button to turn on.
Keep your name at the top of people’s lists and the bottom of delicious drinks with thisLed Sticker Lights! It’s made of plastic and features a double-sided adhesive so you can stick this on the table and at the bottom of a bottle to let it shine. This features four same color LEDs with click button control and three flash functions: steady, slow, and quick flashing.
LED Bottle Sticker
Simple to use: If you stick them to any clear glass, bottle, and jar or stick to the bottom and then press the power button—the light come up or out immediately. Ultra-thin design, It is only 3mm, which is made of laminated foam profiled sheet. It is smooth, steady and will absolutely not affect the normal use of the containers.
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LED Bottle Sticker Supplier
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Amazing effect: There are 3 modes to choose from: white fast flash, white slow flash and Color mixed flash mode. It can satisfy your needs of different occasion, such as party, wedding, cocktail party, dinner party, campfire party and any decoration for party at night.
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Ultra-High Brightness: Each patch has 4 Ultra-High Brightness LED lights, which can make the clear containers such as wine bottle,wine glass,champagne,liquor bottles become bright at once. White light is suitable for any container or beverage of different colors. Use beautiful light to decorate you bottle and beverage.

4 Unique Pattern Design: These funny coasters are a great way to spread joy – get some laughs and share some drinks, isn’t that what life is about?Let’s enjoy our life in happiness!

Durability: 12 products. Each product is with 2 CR1220 button batteries (installed in the product in advance). The battery can be used over 24 hours, which satisfies your need for the party. You can change battery by yourself to regain its long-time use.


CR1220 Under Bottle Lights LED Sticker Lights with 12Pcs/Set